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A Normal Massage Therapy or Something More?

Thai Body Massage Information

Needless to say, massage therapies have a huge positive effect on the human’s well-being. Even though there are multiple body massage techniques known nowadays, one of them is very commonly performed by specialists. That’s the Thai bodywork. What do you need to know about it?

  • Why is it different from the other therapies? The most typically performed massages use body oils or lotions. The patient normally lies down on a massage table half naked. Thai massage is done on a padded mat or futon directly on the floor. Moreover, no oil or lotion is used and the patient doesn’t have to undress.
  • What are the benefits? Everyday stress could have a devastating effect on our physical and mental health. This massage technique is proven to be very effective for stress relief. It helps to boost the energy in your body and improve the range of your motion and flexibility. It has been performed to successfully alleviate frequent headaches, back pain, and restore the balance in your body.
  • Is that particular therapy painful? Thai bodywork’s main purpose is invigoration. While it is true that the specific movements done by a professional therapist could cause some discomfort, it cannot be called pain. However, a licensed and trained therapist will use pressure and stretching to a degree according to the person’s pain threshold. So, as soon as you feel anything more than normal stretching, you have to let him/her know.
  • Are there any side effects? The massage therapist should ask you about your health history beforehand. That’s because this specific body technique might not be safe for people with disk herniation, osteoporosis, as well as any surgeries performed before such a session. Pregnant women should pay attention and consult with their GP in advance too.


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