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What Typical Therapies Does a Massage Therapist Offer?

Therapeutic Massage and More

A massage therapist can help alleviate pain, muscle injuries, decrease stress, and enhance the general well-being of their clients. This article will present to you some information about the most common types of bodywork you can expect from an experienced professional:

  • Swedish massage. This is one of the most preferred body techniques, practiced by almost all therapists. What makes it so popular? Maybe because this is one of the most efficient pain relief kind of bodywork. It also fights depression, stress, fatigue, anxiety, as well as promotes total relaxation. You will feel its great benefits from the very first session.
  • Therapeutic massage. This type is generally described as a therapy that will bring you fast relief of pain, stress, frozen shoulders, and muscle cramps. Many people think that this kind of therapy and deep tissue massage is the same thing. However, there is a difference. Except for physical pain, you can use this method as a successful treatment for frequent headaches, sports injuries, tendonitis, and even respiratory issues.
  • Deep tissue massage. As the term suggests, this type of therapy includes deeper pressure to release chronic muscle tension. The focus here is on the deeper layers of muscle tissue. This would be the perfect therapy for people who are actively doing physical exercises, athletes, coaches, gym instructors, and more.
  • Reflexology. This is a technique applied on feet, hands, and ears. Its main purpose is to bring general relaxation through applying light pressure on those points that affect certain internal organs and improve a person’s overall health.

From Center For A Balanced Life Inc, you can expect these and many other therapeutic massage body techniques specially tailored according to your needs. If you want to have regular sessions with a specialist in West St Paul, MN, who understands your health problems and suggests the best solution, all you have to do is dial (651) 455-0473.


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